Fun Challenges to try!

You may have seen these posted on our Social Media Channels (@MeltonSportHA); these are fun challenges to try individually or as a family. Why not give them a go!?

#Get Melton Moving2021

A three week challenge with 9 different activities to try, and also blogs to read with further information about how to get active for:

1. Children & Young people

2. Families

3. Adults (at home)

Challenge 1 - (Home) High Jump

Challenge 2 - (Home) Shot Put

Challenge 3 - (Home) Obstacle Course

Challenge 4 - Family Yoga

Challenge 5 - One mile run, walk or cycle

Challenge 6 - Family Nature Bingo

Challenge 7 - At home full body

Challenge 8 - At home core

Challenge 9 - At home lower

#ActiveMeltonAnimals Challenge

This challenge involves five different animal exercises to try. Why not time how long you can do each of the exercises for without stopping! We would love to see your attempts, so don't forget to tag us if you post them on social media.

  1. Frog Jumps
  2. Kangaroo Jumps
  3. Bear Crawls
  4. Crab Walks
  5. Monkey Jumps


This challenge is all about showing your support and being #Active4NHSWorkers


1 squat - 1 second pause
2 squats - 2 second pause
3 squats - 3 second pause etc...

Can you work your way up to 12 adding a repetition and an extra second pause to replicate the hours our NHS staff are working?


Pulse squats
Shoulder taps
Squat steps
Press ups
Jump lunges

Aim for 12 repetitions on each exercise!

Give yourself 60-90 seconds rest between each completed circuit, how many can you do?