For professional support regarding the governance and structures of your club contact us.

The Melton Sport & Health Alliance are able to provide specific support to help improve and develop structures within your club setting. Whether it be creating a new club or developing an existing club we are here to help, advise and grow your club.

Check out the video below, which gives you some great tips.


A key part of making your club sustainable is managing finance and budgeting effectively.

Check out the page from Sport England's Club Matters, which gives some useful hints and tips.

Clubs Finances

Marketing & Promotion

Promoting your club is vital in ensuring you attract new members whether it be players, supporters or volunteers. To gain a positive response from your promotion it is important to have an effective marketing strategy.

To understand more about effective marketing and how you can improve the marketing for your club Sport England's Club Matters has some useful hints and tips.

Marketing & Promotion


Recruiting is a huge part of any club and can often be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful club.

It is vital that you are able to provide an offer that meets the needs of the audience you are targeting. To help shape your offer you need to understand your audience.

Contact us for support with your recruiting campaigns and to help advertise for new members and volunteers at your club.

The Melton Sport & Health Alliance can help spread the word alongside providing support and advice on how, where and when to recruit effectively.