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Health Walks

About Us

Melton Borough Councils' sport and physical activity team coordinates several weekly walks. The sport and Physical activity team work in partnership with the Friends of the Melton Country Park, The Senior Forum, Long Clawson Village Hall and Walking for Health.

We currently have 4 weekly walks taking place across the Borough.

Below are two images on is a waking for health logo. The other is a large group of people walking in a local park.

Our Walks

Senior Health Walks

Senior walks place every Thursday in the Melton Country park. The meeting place for the for the walks is the Melton Country Park visitors centre at the end of Wymondham Way at 1:30. The walking activity is between 30 minutes to an hour. It is good for newcomers who are new to walking. The Number 15 bus stops on Wymondham Way. This is a short walk away from the Melton Country Park Visitors Centre.

There is another Senior walk. This walk can take up to 90 minutes to do. The walk covers a variety of paths. The paths may be uphill, uneven or muddy in places therefore appropriate footwear must be worn. The meeting place for the walk is Egerton Park at 1:30. Transport will be available from Egerton park to the walking destination.

The table below shows all the senior walks remaining this year. 1 Heart is for beginners and 2 hearts is for more advanced walkers.

Beginners Health Walks

The beginners health walks start in Melton Country Park, they are weekly walks, on either a Monday or Friday. 5pm - 6pm. The walks are around 60 minutes.

Meet at Melton Country Park, Willow Drive, Pavillon.
For more information contact the Volunteer Walk Leader Evie via email at evie301246@gmail.com

The walking surfaces are quite flat so it is good for those people who want to walk at their leisure. The Country Park is full of scenery so the walks can be interesting.

Long Clawson Health Walks

The Long Clawson Health Walks have been up and running since October. The group are really friendly and they are always on the look out for new members to join. Everyone is welcome to join the health walk regardless of ability. The meeting place for the walks is the Long Clawson Village Hall and Recreation ground at 10am every Wednesday. If you would like more information on the walks call Mel on 01664823266 or Chris on 01664823526.

Why walk with us?

Health- It strengths your heart, bones and muscles

Wealth-It is free

Happiness- It improves your mood

Comfort- It reduces stress and helps to calm your mind

Joy- Meet new friends and see how much fun it can be

  • Dogs are allowed on the walks, however they must be kept on a lead.
  • If you have any health concerns please check with your doctor before joining the walks.
  • While on the walks there will be breaks to get refreshments, however you may want to take a bottle of water with you.

Walk & Talk - Sensory Stroll

Weekly walk, Wednesday. 10.30-11.15am - Length 45 Minutes

Meet at Melton Borough Council Offices, Parkside, Station Approach, LE13 1GH. For more information contact the Volunteer Walk Leader Evie via email; evie301246@gmail.com

A relaxed stroll, often with a sensory twist, along a flat route. Suitable for all ages and abilities, particularly beneficial for individuals with Dementia or long term health conditions.