Holwell Rifle Club helps blind marksman make history

Posted: Fri, 07 Nov 2014 15:57

Holwell Rifle Club helps blind marksman make history

Michael has been shooting in Visually Impaired (VI) competitions for 15 years and has won the British VI Championship several times. But he entered new territory last week at the Yorkshire Air Rifle Winter League.

Holwell Rifle Club recently bought two Megalink Electronically Scored Targets (EST) which have allowed Michael to compete alongside sighted shooters.

His first series of 10 shots saw the Holwell club member score a creditable 92 out of 100, and he has now entered the Cambridgeshire Air Rifle League as well as the Visually Impaired League.

The new pieces of technology were bought thanks to grants from the Leicestershire Legacy Fund and the Everard Trust who also funded the initial provision of the club's VI shooting equipment in 2005.

Michael, who was the first British VI shooter to compete at a European Championships, is also chairman of the International Blind Sport Association (IBSA) shooting sub-committee which is campaigning for their sport to be included in the Paralympics.

As part of the campaign, Michael took part in a successful demonstration event at the IPC World Shooting Championships at Suhl, Germany which he won.

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