Falls Prevention

Improve your strength and balance, and reduce your risk of having a fall, by following our top tips to stay active and stay steady.

Twilight Games Resources

Be creative with items around your home and use our Twilight activity plans to help you stay active.

Get Active with the Green Goddess

The Green Goddess - the original keep-fit queen of the 80s - is making a comeback on BBC Breakfast. Eighty-year-old Diana Moran will be doing exercises three times a week from self-isolation so viewers can follow along at home.

Adaptive Yoga with WheelPower

Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase strength, flexibility and your balance that can lead to improvements in both your physical and mental wellbeing.

We Are Undefeatable Campaign

Real-life experiences of people with long-term health conditions – both visible and invisible. We Are Undefeatable aims to support people to build physical activity into their lives, in a way that their condition allows.

Move it or lose it

Founded by exercise instructor Julie Robinson, Move it or Lose it has created a series of fitness videos for older people.

Useful Apps

The Active 10 app is a great way to help you monitor and gradually increase your brisk walking levels over time. The app can help you track your activity – even at home and in the garden.