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I offer Hatha Yoga for both adults, children and teens and work locally in Leicestershire and Rutland teaching in Schools and Pre Schools.

Adult sessions:

Brooksby Melton College session is in Dance Studio 1 on Wednesday at 6.15pm - 7.30pm for all abilities – from 13 years to adult.

Kirby Bellars Village Hall on Sunday morning at 9.30am

Yoga with Emma fb: yoga with emma – thai yoga bodywork

m.07771 571183 e: clubansell@btinternet.com

I am a fully qualified yoga practitioner and have gained a CIBTAC Anatomy & Physiology qualification, I am also trained by Calm for Kids in Yoga and Meditation for children and teenagers & I also have a Thai Yoga Massage Qualification. I am fully DBS checked & certified.

Turn worry into your Warrior – yoga as a stress buster to aid restful sleep!

The symptoms of anxiety are debilitating and exhausting but they are the body's reaction to a inner voice convincing you of a perceived threat much like a fire alarm going off - the fire alarm can't tell the difference between smoke and an actual fire, it's the same with the stress response or inner Warrior! Hugely useful if you are running away from danger or saving lives but depleting and detrimental to health and wellbeing if that internal alarm keeps being triggered or becomes a constant reaction whilst you are just sitting at your desk each day & getting on with your daily life tasks. It's a consequence of the modern world and how we live!

The amygdala part of the brain or our inner warrior is responsible for this 'alarm bells' thought process as it reacts to something it thinks it needs to protect you from and then the body follows preparing itself to 'run away or fight' set in motion by these signals in the brain – this is the 'fight or freeze' stress response. It's true of every single one of us in this busy world if we're not running away from a hungry animal or saving ourselves from a life threatening situation this is really not good for health and happiness. Processing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, that have been released with this stress response triggered by the sympathetic nervous system, is essential, otherwise our body then also struggles to cope with what the mind has created and we get horrible symptoms. These range from feeling sick to shallow breathing and feelings of panic to extreme fatigue and depression as the life giving oxygen is diverted elsewhere in the body and the body in addition is also trying to process these hormones – there is only one stress response and it always comes from the amygdale part of the brain. Unless we equip ourselves with the tools to take hold of the mind again and enable ourselves to control this part of the mind and engage a more logical part of the brain we can find that anxiety creeps in as a symptom of acute stress and our physical health and body suffers as we get locked into this 'stress cycle'. The practice of yoga and mindfulness helps us to find space and trigger our 'rest & digest' or relaxation response by calming the chattering of that inner voice and those negative thoughts, allowing the body to recover and work for us in the best way it can, in turn boosting our self esteem and wellbeing and bringing back balance in body & mind.

Yoga means Union – to unite body, mind, and breath in the here and now or present moment and is an invaluable training tool to deal with the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Deep attended breathing is an anchor in the midst of a storm and yoga teaches us to use the breath alongside stretching and moving the body in yoga postures to promote positivity and a sense of wellbeing in return triggering the release of 'happy hormones' and increasing our connection with our own self. This in turn helps us to manage the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety such as blood pressure issues and increased heart rate, insomnia and tiredness, aches and pains, digestive issues and emotional instability and let that inner warrior work for us rather than against us. Yoga is for all ages, sizes and abilities and a yoga class not only works on the physical body building strength, stability, balance and flexibility but also the attention to the breath and deep attended breathing brings with it the power of the breath to calm the mind and promote positivity, peace and harmony.

Yoga is a non judgmental holistic practice that helps you to feel more in control of life's journey as it equips you with the tools to take control of the mind again whilst healing the

body inside and out. Harnessing the power of the breath and developing relaxation and meditation techniques is invaluable.

There are lots of great teachers out there in the local area and it is just a case of finding the right style of yoga and right teacher for you - the rest is just rolling out that mat and enjoying the benefits of yoga. I certainly wouldn't be without the yoga practice to keep me sane in this busy world. There are also meditation courses that can give you invaluable techniques to carry on at home if the physical practice isn't for you.