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Workplace Challenge

Many of us spend more than 60% of our waking hours at work, often sat at our desks for hours on end. This stationary behaviour is having a detrimental effect on our health, with physical inactivity accounting for 1 in 4 deaths globally.

Research has shown that physical activity can boost morale, communication, lift team spirit, increase productivity and reduce the number of sickness absence days taken. Take a look at our Flexible Lunch Break manifesto to learn more about how adding physical activity into and around the workplace can benefit your business.

How to get involved

  1. Sign up to Workplace Challenge and start your journey to learning something new this September.
  2. Discover a wide range of sport and physical activities using our A-Z of sport there are tips on what the activity is all about and how to get involved. Check out our partner offers too.
  3. Get active. Take a look in our Events and Competitions tabs to discover great opportunities to get active in your local area including Rio inspired sports days and Business Games Events.
  4. Log your activity to earn activity points and see where you sit in our individual and workplace leaderboards. Could you be one of our Workplace Challenge winners and be a prize winner?
  5. Make it social, it's always more fun to exercise with others (and you are less likely to give up with the added pressure of making a commitment to do an activity). Invite your colleagues to sign up by referring them through your dashboard.